Love Thy Neighbour

Saf Nazeer, CEO Helpfulpeeps

Saf Nazeer is co-founder of Helpfulpeeps

Helpfulpeeps is on a mission to create the world’s most helpful network. Every so often we hear from our members who email in to say Thank You and to share their Helpfulpeeps story. It’s one of my favourite kinds of emails to receive.

This story was submitted by Suffia:

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I live in a close, where all the neighbours know each other and look out for each other. It’s a true blessing. 

Four years ago, my marriage broke down and I was suddenly left as a single mother to raise three young, energetic children all by myself. All the neighbours played their part in helping me through those darkest days. One allowed me to use their dishwasher, another sent soup over. One lent a listening ear whilst another helped me put much needed curtain poles up.

Fast forward a few years – one of my neighbours now has dementia. She has stopped going out much as she would forget her way home. So I had an idea 💡 If she couldn’t come out and visit us, we would visit her. Permanently … in photographs.

I made an account on Helpfulpeeps and posted a request looking for a photographer, who would help create some memories for my elderly neighbour with dementia. I clicked on ‘send’ with a rather negative mindset. I didn’t have a lot of faith as who does anything for anyone without wanting tonnes of money I thought. In the next few days, I received some replies – asking what I wanted, who it was for and then nothing.

About a week later, I received another response on Helpfulpeeps. I checked and the message read: 

“Have you found a photographer yet? If not, I would absolutely love to help. I’m not a professional but I’m getting there”.

I sent him my number and he arranged to come for a community photo shoot in the next two weeks.

He was running late, and he messaged me to let me know. When he arrived, he was very courteous and very patient with my two elderly neighbours. He made us all feel very relaxed and didn’t rush us at all. As for him not being a professional, I beg to differ!

He took some amazing photographs and made the whole neighbourhood buzz that afternoon!

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A massive thank you to Suffia from Oxford for sharing her experience with us. It’s heartwarming to know that we played a small role in making this happen 😃

Scientifically proven (or at least rumoured) to make you happier, more positive, and restore your faith in humanity. We hope you’ll give Helpfulpeeps a try 🙂

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