Barbara Crisp Stylist

by Barbara Crisp                                                   Barbara-Crisp-port1-trans

My children were growing up fast, my days of running around after them diminishing and they were heading off for their own lives…..time for me!

What was I going to do to fill in the void left by their independence?

BC (before children) I’d had a career as an air stewardess both with Laker airways and then B. A. It wasn’t the sort of job I could easily return to – unsocial hours, away a lot………I’d had my fill of that 20 years ago.

What was I interested in? I’d already tried and enjoyed various courses at the local college; cookery, French conversation, Bridge. I’m physically active, I love squash, tennis, skiing, cycling, walking. But I needed more to life, something that …….Barbara-Crisp-ward-trans[1]

I wanted to do something I enjoyed; clothes, colour, fashion, design; I’d loved art at school and always took an interest in what people were wearing, how they styled themselves and what was current in the shops.  How about turning that interest into a ‘profession’?

A person who can help and advise others what to wear and how to look good, an Image Consultant, that sounded like a fun job.

I completed my stylist training 5 years ago and set up my own business ‘Barbara Crisp, Stylist’. There was a lot to learn on the practicalities of business – how to get clients, managing finances etc. I practised my newly learned skills on friends and family. I was asked by a neighbour to talk to a small group of ladies on colour and styling for a charity lunch. How terrifying! I’d never had to stand up and talk to a group before –  what would they think of me; would I make a fool of myself; could I manage it?

I had a couple of weeks to prepare, therefore a well rehearsed script was critical.

I wrote plenty of notes and rehearsed in front of the mirror. The morning came, I stood up before my audience, my heart pounding, dry mouthed. I was terrified! My brain seemed to go blank. I just started talking about what, I’m not sure and then suddenly my tongue loosened and I put down the notes and just talked.

The response was good, everyone seemed to enjoy what I was saying and wanted to know more, which was incredibly satisfying. This led to my first 2 bookings for colour consultations – I was in business!!

From that point on I’ve never looked back! I love helping people feel more confident about themselves. Finding out what colours, shapes and styles suit them best, it’s very flowers

Of course, I tell myself I should be pushing for more business.  I’m constantly nagging myself to do more – to learn new skills, utilise social media and broadcast my name out to a wider audience. But being older generation these things don’t come naturally and I’ve yet to embrace them,………hmm……maybe my next step will be a computer course…………….whose knows……I like to think the world is my oyster.

If you have any questions for Barbara or would like to know more about how to create a positive image please visit her website